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22 October 2017


The team of ZAO "Intersvyaz", Chelyabinsk

 "Peering LLC (Data IX project) is our first priority, as a bridge for connection to general content providers in Russia. Through the direct BGP-session with some of the social networks, we can to redistribute the traffic in accordance to our needs, without considering transit operators. The backbone of  the network are fully protected by the separate terrestrial routes. That is why DATAIX demonstrate failover and reliable services.

 DATAIX NOC team are highly qualified and always shows the customer-oriented approach and ready to solve all tickets in-time, as well by the warnings about the upcoming work

 Of course, we would like to highlight the friendly team. It is our pleasure to be in touch on any subject, whether is it conversation on current issues or any other. "The team of ZAO" Intersvyaz ", Chelyabinsk.