Отзыв Первый ТВЧ о работе с Dataix

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TV Company "First HDTV"

16 October 2017

TV Company "First HDTV"

Lyubov Vasilyeva, Head of Sales, TV Company "First HDTV".

 Satellite broadcast signal depends on many factors, such as weather, coverage, change the technical parameters of the broadcast signal. Now we can offer operators a number of alternative solutions, including "First HDTV" offers to receive signals of TV channels on the M9 site in Moscow, so the signing of an agreement with DATAIX significantly expands the geography of the terrestrial signal transmission and allows to deliver TV channels on the ground directly to the regional networks.

 By sending the signal via terrestrial networks can provide significantly greater reliability and signal quality. In cooperation with DATAIX signal delivery is carried out by Multicast technology that allows you to optimize content delivery and reduce its cost for the operators.