22 March 2017

DataIX took part in the 8th International conference "Transport Nerworks Russia 2017"

DATAIX has attended the VIII International Conference "Transport network in Russia 2017"
On March 16-17, 2017, DATAIX became a sponsor the VIII International Conference "Transport Networks Russia 2017 - Development of telecommunication transport networks in Russia and the CIS".  DATAIX CEO Roman Venediktov  took part in a round table with following topic:  the changing role of the Internet Exchange Points traffic (IXP) on the domestic market.
Market participants noted growing role distributed  IXPs and increasing competition with transmission carriers. These issues were discussed by the participants of the conference.
Distributed DATAIX network currently holds more than 350 ASNs.  The share in the total ISPs traffic volume exceeds 40%. Recently DATAIX got a lot of traffic international content providers. This makes connectivity DATAIX highly competitive and interesting for ISPs.
We are happy to highlight that for easy start and to familiarize yourself with the DATAIX advantages, we are offers a free trial period. Just leave the application for connection at our website: www. dataix.ru.



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